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Jul 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
blocking traffic. a problem with a wire causing delays on the k, l, and m lines throughout the twin peaks tunnel. crews on the scene trying to fix the problem there. is no estimate for when service might resume. bus shuttles are running between the vanness station and west portal station. >> and oakland police asked hokeal merchants if there is any surveillance videos that might help them capture a hit and run driver. a bicyclist died after being struck about 9:30 last night. this is the crime scene from skip 7 hd. it's dark but a witness told police a car hit the man. evidence found at the scene suggests it dragged him at least 100 feet. officers found skid marks on pavement. >> someone breaking -- braking to avoid. they saw what he were trying to avoid. and it was a pretty lengthy skid mark. and then, they took off ak celebrate raited. >> the coroner is trying to identify the victim. he appears to be in his 40s. police urge you to please call them if you know anything about this accident. >> and just ahead, the search for a police dog spooked by the fire work autos also research b
Jul 15, 2012 6:00pm PDT
escalade into a telephone pole. >> alan: the fbi has been called in after a break-in at the twin peaks radio tower. we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: some of the city's radio stations are actually broadcasting from these twin towers atop continue peaks but at it also a spot where city police and fire are dispatched from as well, and that was the immediate concern when city crews realized shrub made it -- realized someone made into it the fence. >> mostvisionors are not aware of the towers but among the morning tourist crowding the peakses were a half dozen police investigators and an fbi agent. >> because this is part of the city's communication network, the fbi was notified of the incident. they did respond with investigators and the police department is handling the investigation. >> a small portion of the chain-link fence was snipped open. cables were cut in the compound but vandals did not make it inside the building so the damage wag limit. >> all of the vital services we provide to the city were not impacted as relates to public safety. >> reporter: th
Jul 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the contest, one gomes got an autograph from twins and angels great rod carew. chris carter goes deep to left for his fourth homer in the season. then in the third, cespedes drills to right center and gone. his tenth of the year, first to right field. even when things go wrong for oak leak they go right. span puts down a perfect bunt. suzuki throws the ball into right field but brandon moss comes to the rescue and throws a blitz to second and span is out. seth smeght with a monster blast into the second deck. top seventh, oakland leads 8-2. >> the giants are hosting the astros. tim lincecum is on the mound. if he has another rough outing he will likely lose his spot in the rotation. so far so good. in the second there's no score. >> the "associated press" is reporting the raiders and safety tiety von everyone have agreed to a deal with $26 million, 17 million is game team. fourth round peek in 2008, branch has been one of the few reliable players on the secondary, starting every game the last three seasons and led the raiders in tackles for two years. >> new 49ers quarterback and
Jul 9, 2012 6:00pm PDT
with singers from indonesia. and from twin cities in minnesota. 19 choirs celebrating the 20th anniversary of the coral festival. >> it's so rich in experience for the kids in terms of hearing other great levels of singing and music from different cultures with different ways of singing. >> each chorus showcases it's culture, this is serious business. they're in competition. many languages and accents. they've come from around the world yet share something in common. that is music. >> we talk about music but we all have same interests. talking about boys and clothes, favorite colors and everything. >> talking about our experience in the choir and talking about when we're going to perform. >> they're hosted in homes while here. >> they offer their home to us for us to be here. i think it's amazing. >> it leads to lasting friendship autos some members who are now in their 40s are still corresponding with people they met when their 12 or 13. >> the concert is saturday night. >> they sound good. >> they do. >> temperatures going to be climbing tomorrow in the bay area, pg&e issued
Jul 13, 2012 6:00pm PDT
year. >> and the a's are in the twin cities. former a josh willingham with serious damage this year takes aj griffin deep. and there is gone. grand slam the 9th of the year. and there are now two certainties when it comes to drew breeze, he can beat you on the football field and negotiating table. there is a five year contract and he'll get $40 million this season and there is good to be drew breeze right now. and we're talking money, money in this sportscast. brown signed for one year and $7 million last year, only playing nine games after tearing a chest muscle meaning he made $777,000 a game this past season. man. and there is warriors opening summer league against lakers. there is a first shot missed and follows attacks the rim and looks good, finished with 23. there is jack of all trades knocks down a three. 77, 38 warriors. there is 100 meters of chaos during the tour de france. rowdy fans lifted player asks one fan shut geting shoved out of the way. bradley wiggins tossing water bottles at fans. and there is david miller wanted a sprint to the finish. wiggins did obtain the j
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5